Back in February, I announced that I was starting to work on the NQT Survival Guide- the ‘sequel’ to the (shockingly!) successful PGCE Survival Guide which was ‘published’ last September.   As with the PGCE guide, the NQT guide will be crowd sourced and available as a free download or paid for (at cost, but maybe with a donation to a charity) printed version.

Since then, lots of great educationalists have signed up to help write sections of the guide- and it’s starting to develop well.  It’s looking like we will hopefully develop an invaluable, ‘practical’, guide to your first year in teaching, which is full of lots of hints, tips and ‘real’ advice.   The guide is well on course to be nearly twice as long as the PGCE version (current approximations are that it’ll end up about 250 pages long!) and is already on track to benefit from the expertise of twice the number of section contributors!

As with the PGCE Guide, I’m hoping to fill the guide with hundreds of tweets from ‘real’ teachers ( and of course past teachers, those involved in education etc) which we will collate under the hastag #nqttips on twitter- and this is where I really need as much help as possible.

Starting today, I’ll be tweeting asking for your tips for NQT’s – please tweet them out, importantly including the hashtag #nqttips in your tweets (note the double t!).   I’ll be collating tweets over the coming month or so, and we’ll start off with general tips, but then, as we did with the PGCE guide, I’ll be ‘requesting’ tips around a ‘theme’.    Please retweet any ‘request’ messages as widely as possible, to help get as many educators involved in the project as possible.

There is also a dedicated twitter account @nqttips – which you are more than welcome to follow.

Whilst the hashtag needs to stay as the primary form of us collating tweets (it’s just much easier for us to ‘grab’ the tweets this way) – If you have protected tweets, and therefore your tweets won’t appear in the public timeline, please @reply to nqttips as well as including the hashtag.

Please keep your tips to one tweet (including hashtag) but feel free to abbreviate away!  You can also send a series of related tweets of course (but please no ‘cont’d’, twitlonger etc).

Of course, by sending in a tweet, you give us permission to reproduce your tweet in the NQT Surivival guide (in its various forms) along with your twitter ID.

If you have an NQT experience, story or tale  that you think you would like to share (and be willing for us to reproduce in the book) then please comment on this post with these.

And, if you aren’t yet down to help out with the writing of the guide, and would be interested in doing so, please leave a comment or contact me via twitter- you can help out regardless of the stage of your career, and I’m particularly on the look out for fellow NQT’s to write the section ‘your mentor- a NQT’s perspective’ .

Thanks so much for your support to the NQTtips project!

Happy tweeting!


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